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This is designed as a guide for physicians, technologists, teachers and students. From the "Contents" page browse through the site using your web browser and the navigation buttons present at the bottom of most pages. All aspects are covered including specimen collection, setup technique, examination, and interpretation of results. Also included is antimicrobial treatment.

Statistics for 1998

Statistics for 1999

Complete Parasitology statistics from Toronto, Ottawa and London, Ontario.

Bacterial Vaginosis

A laboratory guide for the diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosis. Emphasis on gram stain interpretation and the "Nugent Score".

Basic Microscopy

This section covers the basics of microscopy. Ocular micrometer calibration and Kohler illumination are covered here.

The Vernier Scale

At times it may be required to record coordinates of a particular object during an examination to return to it for further investigation. Reading a vernier scale is a necessary requirement.

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