Practical Parasitology

Wet Mount Slide Demo

The following is a basic outline illustrating the preparation of a slide for concentrate examination.

Step One

Mix the sediment well trying to avoid any large pieces of debris that may have slipped by during the concentration process.

Step Two

Place a drop on the slide. The size of the drop will vary depending on the size of the coverslip being used. Some technologists prefer a larger coverslip such as a 22x40 mm but we will use the smaller 22x22 mm.

Step Three

Place one edge of the coverslip on the drop and carefully pull the drop along. In doing this the heavier ova and cysts will be found in the thicker end of the mount. When the coverslip is in position gently let it drop.

Step Four

As can be seen in this wet mount there is a thick and thin area. The cysts and ova will generally be found in the thick portion of the mount.