Parasitology Training Manual

Pinworm Collection Technique

The "Pinworm Paddle" is by far the definitive method of pinworm collection. It is easy to use, self contained and requires less handling by the person sampling and by the laboratory making it a safer method. Like the scotch tape preparation it involves a sticky surface. The adhesive is however, applied to just one side of the paddle shaped applicator.

Collection Method

The method of collection is basically the same for each preparation. The female Enterobius vermicularis will exit through the anus and deposit her eggs on the perianal area. Best sampling occurs in the morning just after waking before bathing or a bowel movement. By gently applying the sticky surface to the anal area pinworm eggs or at times intact adult pinworms will adhere to the adhesive surface of the paddle or tape. The paddle is then placed into the container supplied or if tape is used it is attached to a glass slide or placed in a suitable specimen container and transported to the laboratory.

Pinworm Paddle

Scotch Tape Technique