A. lumbricoides ova

Parasitology Training Manual

Introduction to the Helminths

This section contains all the worms.

Nematodes - round worms
Cestodes - tapeworms
Trematodes - flukes

Click here for a demonstration to make the slide for concentrate examination.

The following is a list of organisms that will be covered in this section. Clicking on the
underscored organism will bring you to that organism. Reference should be made to the
helminth size and morphology comparison chart and the organisms life cycle.

Click here for an explanation of concentrate or wet mount scanning technique.

Click here for an explanation of special stain scanning technique.

Helminths Covered In This Section

Ascaris lumbricoides
Trichuris trichiura
Taenia species
Hymenolepis nana
Hymenolepis diminuta
Strongyloides stercoralis
Metagonimus yokogawai
Enterobius vermicularis
Diphyllobothrium latum
Trichostrongylus species
Fasciolopsis buski
Dicrocoelium dentriticum
Fasciola hepatica
Clonorchis sinensis

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