Practical Parasitology

Cryptosporidium parvum

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C. parvum oocysts (Modified acid fast Kinyoun stain and Iron Haematoxylin) C. parvum oocysts (wet mount)

Life Cycle

The mature oocysts is the infective stage and after ingestion by the host releases 4 sporozoites. The released sporozoites attach to the brush border of epithelial cells in the stomach and intestines. The sporozoites through the process of schizogony, produce a mature schizont which releases eight (8) first generation merozoites. It is these merozoites that invade the epithelial cells producing second generation schizonts. Four (4) second generation merozoites are then produced which further develop into micro or macrogametes. The macrogamete is fertilized by the microgamete. A zygote is produced which develops into the mature oocyst completing the cycle.



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