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Practical Parasitology-A Preview


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Safety Issues: Includes universal safety precautions and more.

Stool Collection and Fixation: New specimen collection guidelines and how to obtain the best stool sample.

Pinworm Collection Technique: Includes paddle and scotch tape technique.

Microscopy: Includes Kohler illumination, and micrometer calibration.

Microscopy: The vernier scale and coordinates.

Stool For Parasite Set Up Procedure: Includes stool setup procedure, concentration and staining.

Wet Mount Slide Preparation-Demonstration: Proper procedure for preparing a wet mount using a 22 x 22 mm coverslip.

Concentrate Scanning Technique: Procedure for scanning a wet mount also
includes CMLTO guidelines.

Special Stain Scanning Technique: Procedure for scanning a special stain also includes CMLTO guidelines.

Amoeba Morphology Illustrations Comparison of various amoeba cyst, trophozoite and nuclei.

Introduction To The Helminths: Contains the most common helminths.

Introduction To The Entamoeba Species This version contains E. histolytica/dispar, E. coli, E. hartmanni and E. polecki.

Introduction to the Non-Entamoeba species: D. fragilis (a flagellate), E. nana and I. buetschlii.

Introduction to the Flagellates Contains the flagellates infecting man.

Introduction to the Microsporidia and Coccidia: Contains C. parvum,
C. cayetanensis, I. belli and Enterocytozoon bieneusi.

Introduction to the Hard Bodied Ticks and Lyme Disease: Common hard bodied ticks

Blastocystis hominis An update

Introduction to the Medically Important Arthropods: Includes P. pubis and P. humanus also nit comparison.

Entamoeba species Differentiation Charts: A chart outlining the morphology of the Entamoeba species.

Treatment: As per The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy, 1999.

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